No Such Thing as Closure

Maggie Bowyer
2 min readJan 28, 2021

No Such Thing as Closure

It’s been a few months
Since the last time I cried.
My wells have run dry
But not because I miss you any less;
I finally accept that
This is life.
I can scream into
Every passing storm cloud,
But that will never bring you back.
I can yell at God
As I sob over crinkled pictures
But all I can grasp are memories.
There are days
I want to pretend
You are just a call away.
There are days I forget
Not only has your number
Been reassigned to a fast food joint,
There are days I forget
What your voice even sounded like.
But today is different.
This is life.
So I choose to remember your nails
Tracing up and down my back,
All the lessons you wove
Into your melodies,
Singing T Swift off-key.
I remind myself
(Because as much as we try,
It’s too easy to forget)
That my God does not hate
Nor do They take.
You were not ripped away.
You floated away
In the arms of forgiveness,
And someday we will
Drift into the same inlet
And I will tell you
All the wonderful things
You have missed.

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Maggie Bowyer