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After all the guests
Left their fingerprints
On every window
And scuffs up and down
Each hallway,
I searched for you.
I looked underneath
The stacks of jackets
Forgotten by those
Donning flushed cheeks,
Peeked in the guest room,
Let your name shake
Now empty glasses clattering
And cluttering countertops.
They said you slipped out
While I was still dancing;
Now I just have pity parties,
All alone, drinking myself silly.

No Such Thing as Closure

It’s been a few months
Since the last time I cried.
My wells have run dry
But not because I miss you any less;
I finally accept that
This is life.
I can scream into
Every passing storm cloud,
But that will never bring you back.
I can yell at God
As I sob over crinkled pictures
But all I can…

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There is a lot that no one tells you about chronic illness. If you love someone living with a chronic illness, odds are they have felt emotions…

A Poem for Survivors

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Breaking Addictions

I use to think it was bad timing -
We’d meet again in a few years,
As you browse through columns
In a New York book store
And I sign copies by the front door.
We’d have an awkward encounter
Right outside the bathroom -
I’d make some joke about
The moment we met
And get hit with instant…

A Poetic Dig at the Devil

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Denim and Dignity

You wore not one,
But two,
Pieces of my clothing today.
I hope when she peels that shirt
Off your scaly skin
You remember how good
It looked on me.
Nothing is worth hearing
Your voice crawling in my ear
But damn! That dinosaur print Tee
Cost me $15.50!
I hope every time you smile
You remember when you
Burst through my locked…

A Poem for Expected Heartbreak

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The Desolation

I should’ve known we were doomed
When the breakup songs
Started to remind me of you.
I use to try to write lyrics
To your whimsical melodies
Until I realized you only wanted
Parts of me -
Every piece that wasn’t tarnished.
You’d suck the life
Out of our livelihood,
Set me up in a…

A Poem about Endometriosis

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It takes an average of 7–10 years to get an Endometriosis diagnosis despite the condition affecting over 200 million people worldwide. It took Maggie 13 years to get a diagnosis after the first symptoms began.


All the little bits
Of pain scattered
Through my body
Like a vase
Was shattered
Inside of me.
Like my heart…

Maggie Bowyer

Freelance political and health writer. Poet. The Whole Story out now

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